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Encouraging your child’s science skills

If children are taught in a way that is enjoyable to them then they will love learning about science right from the word GO! From Key Stage 1, teachers should start to encourage the three different sciences; biology, physics and chemistry.

It is advised that science is introduced as a practical subject in order to gain the pupils attention and really engage themselves in the subject. The more complex theories can be introduced at KS2 science.

Key Stage 1 gives the opportunity to have fun in lessons in order to develop the child’s interest in the subject and encourage them to want to learn more. You can encourage your child to do a few experiments at home, not only will they be enjoyable for them but also may change their attitude towards science. You could encourage your child to:

Allow your child to make their own observations of what is happening in the experiment. You should observe your child when they are doing the experiment and offer them guidance where necessary. At the end of the experiment, your child should be able to give you feedback on what has happened throughout the experiment.



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